Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Attention horror fans: Sharing an invitation

Spellbound Cinema is not a horror blog, but I'm certain many of you who walk our halls are fans of the genre.  I certainly am, and we tend to find our own.  I'd say that roughly half of the film blogs I read are horror-oriented...yet today I had to make room for one more.  Son of Dance Macabre looks to be one of the most exciting new film blogs in quite some time, and I encourage any of you out there who haven't stumbled upon it already to check out.

Bryce Wilson of Things That Don't Suck fame has started a new blog with the intention of writing, as he says, "an unauthorized sequel" to Stephen King's important work on the subject of horror in literature and film, Dance Macabre.  As he writes:

"The Son Of Danse Macabre is going to be strictly a horror blog/book exploring the last thirty years of horror media through the concepts and theories of Stephen King's Danse Macabre. I want to do something really ambitious with SODM, not only end up with a workable manuscript (ambitious enough), but one in which horror fans directly participate. I've got an outline but there's plenty of room for improvisation within it. I want this to be, a truly collaborative experience where the readers let me know what they think have been the most important events in the last thirty years of horror as I write it."

The first post is up and it's insightful and involving -- a great start to what looks to be a truly involving new project.  I'll be reading...hope to see you all there.


  1. With the quality of Bryce's writing, I'm expecting great things to come of this. Thanks.

  2. Ah shucks guys. You'll give a fella a swell head.

    Thanks for the mention though, it's very much appriciated.