Our Creed

There are two important considerations that inform our choices here at Spellbound Cinema, both in terms of what movies to write about and how to write about them.

The first concerns content.  We're not hipsters and we're not interested in proving anything to anyone regarding our taste in movies.  Nonetheless, if you're looking for a review of the latest summer blockbuster you won't find it here.  Not that we have anything against those movies (well, we have something against one of them...you know who you are), but the internet is flooded with commentary and discussions on the likes of Inception and Iron Man.

No, we're much more interested in discussing films that aren't showing at your local multiplex and aren't in Redbox.  Whether it be silent films from classic Hollywood, foreign art-house fare, or cult movies, our goal here is to start discussions about the kinds of films we're passionate about that don't get quite so much coverage across the interwebs.

The second issue concerns substance.  The culture of communication on the internet seems to foster negativity on an unimaginable scale.  I've read movie blogs before where I found myself asking "does this person even like film?" Maybe it is cooler to tear things down from an ironic distance than to express your love of a medium, performer or artist -- but we're not cool and we never will be.  We're doing this because we love film and because movies excite us.

Moreover, noone is telling us what movies to watch and write about.  We choose the movies we do because we have good reason to believe that we'll enjoy them.  So, since we're both pretty good at picking movies for ourselves positive reviews are likely to outnumber negative reviews.  When we do write a negative review, however, we're committed to doing so constructively.  Even in a real mess of a movie, we'll try to emphasize the positive points -- to write, if you will, from a place of love.

There you have it.  Two people watching movies.  If we turn you onto something you hadn't heard of...please let us know!  That's what's going to make this really exciting.